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About the centre

AVIATION TRAINING CENTRE JSC "Sheremetyevo Security" performs training and refreshment training (confirmation of qualification) of aviation security services specialists, maintenance personnel of the airports, airlines, officers of the Ministry of Internal Affairs on transport, private security companies, military security and other companies on the programs of aviation security and protection of different facilities.

Aviation Training Centre employs modern instruction and learning materials and facilities. Training classes are equipped with models of improvised explosive devices, samples of ammunition, models of different explosives, elements of explosives, cold, firing, pneumatic and gas spraying weapons, etc. Unique database of methods of concealment and carryover of dangerous items and substances into secure areas to perform acts of unlawful interference, is collected in the centre.

Students of the Aviation Training Centre get practical skills of inspection on screening equipment: x-ray screening unit, fixed and portable metal detectors, instruments, indicating traces of explosives. Computer training program OTS avsec – Premium Edition, used at this training, helps every student to independently identify prohibited items and substances on computer screen with the guidance of experienced tutor. Moreover, students learn to perform manual inspection of baggage and personal items, rules and procedure of personal (individual) passengers inspection, methods of preliminary psychological interview of passengers (profiling).

Training programs involve practical classes at the “Sheremetyevo” International Airport at the real inspection posts of passengers, checked and cabin baggage. Practical classes with aircraft aviation security specialists are performed at training facilities of Moscow State Technical University of the Civil Aviation.

The following corresponding registration forms must be filled out and sent to Aviation Training Center to enroll the training.

You can find the information about the cost of training in the section “Cost of training".

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