About your safety in the skies
we take care on the ground.

Equipment sanitary standards

All x-ray baggage and goods inspection units (РУДБТ) are accompanied by sanitary-hygienic reports, compliance certificates and sanitary-hygienic approval for a source of radiation.

The company has the radiation-hygienic certificate of the organization, employing sources of radiation, issued at the Moscow Local Authority of Rospotrebnadzor. Statistic list of radiation dose ДОЗ-1 is issued every year. Employees, referred to the group "A" are inspected for radiation individually. The average individual radiation dose equals 1,24 MSv a year with allowable limit of 20 MSv a year. Average radiation power on the outside surface of units is 0,3 mSv per hour, with allowable limit of 2,5 mSv per hour.

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