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Operational activity

The following scope of operation is permitted for JSC "Sheremetyevo Security" according to the compliance certificate and aviation security license of the Federal Service of Transport Control of the Ministry of Transport of the Russian Federation:

- preflight inspection of passengers, civil aircraft crew, service personnel, cabin and checked baggage, cargo, mail and in-flight supplies;

- preflight and specialized (additional) aircraft inspection;

- weapons and ammunition transportation, accepted from the passengers for flight onboard aircraft and return of items to passengers upon arrival;

- baggage, in-flight supplies, cargo and mail handling control;

- passengers profiling;

- informational support of aviation security events;

- participation in aviation security events at the airports of the Russian Federation in compliance with the Company possibilities;

- training of aviation personnel;

- training of vulnerability evaluation specialists, transport facilities rating, transportation means rating and other aviation security specialists; 

- installation, operation, maintenance and repair of radiation equipment;

- other types of activity, except activities, forbidden by legal acts of the Russian Federation.

Tasks are performed by more than 2000 members of our personnel.

Personnel of different departments of the company perform a pre-flight inspection of passengers, crew members, cabin and checked baggage, ramp control and aircraft inspection at the terminal buildings of the airport.

Unique special operations department operates within the Company. Department specialists provide services of aviation security in the normal course of events (operations groups move to check suspicious substances and items, weapon and ammunition delivery to/from aircraft), but are always ready to act in the event of unlawful interference in the civil aviation.

Management of the JSC "Sheremetyevo Security" pays a lot of attention to material and technical supply of the Company, knowing that only modern equipment and instruments allow high level of efficiency in the operation.

The latest x-ray screening devices Linescan, PX, HI-SCAN, three-dimensional x-ray screening device “MVT”, radio location portals “SafeScout 100”, “ProVision”, explosives and bombs location units are operated at the Company: Ionsccan-500DT, “Sentinell-II”, body scanners “eXaminer”, explosives vapor detectors “Pilot”, gas sensor Shelf DSM («Шельф ДСМ»), x-ray unit «Shmel-240 TV” («Шмель-240 ТВ»), express-test “Poisk HT” («Поиск ХТ»), metal watch and electronics locator unit “Anker” («Анкер»), other units and equipment.

Effective system of corporate control of aviation security level is implemented at the Company, and that allows increase the quality of aviation security standards, production cost reduction, increase of corporate standards.

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