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Rules of air transportation of passengers, checked and cabin baggage

Dear passengers!

Air transportation of passengers, baggage and cargo is performed in compliance with the Order number 82 of the Ministry of Transport of the Russian Federation dated July 28 2007 Moscow "Approval of Federal Aviation Rules "General Rules of Air Transportation of Passengers, Baggage, Cargo and Requirements for servicing of Passengers, Shippers and Consignee".

Every passenger, his/her personal items and baggage must go through pre-flight inspection before boarding the aircraft. Passenger, who refuses to pass pre-flight inspection and provide his/her personal items for inspection, is denied boarding.

Inspection in the airport is performed at specialized facilities (inspection posts), equipped with fixed technical means of inspection and video systems, and specialized inspection rooms for personal (individual) inspection.

Passengers of air transportation are prohibited to accept bags, parcels and other items from third persons for transportation onboard the aircraft, and accept any items for temporary storage at the airport terminals and adjacent territory.

Starting July 2007 the new rules of pre-flight and post-flight inspection were introduced by the Order number 104 of the Ministry of Transport of the Russian Federation dated July 25 2007, limiting the transportation of liquids onboard the aircraft.

According to the Order the following limitations are set for cabin baggage:

medical thermometer – one per passenger;

mercury tonometer in standard case – one per passenger;

mercury barometer or manometer, packed in tight container and sealed by senders stamp;

disposable lighters – one per passenger;

dry ice for cooling of perishable products – not more than 2 kg per passenger;

3% hydrogen dioxide – not more than 100 ml per passenger;

liquids, gels and aerosols in containers, not referring to dangerous items, not exceeding 100 ml, with total volume not exceeding 1 liter per passengers, packed in tightly sealed transparent plastic bag. Bags are provided during pre-flight inspection.

Medicines, infant food and special diet substances are accepted in the cabin baggage as an exception.

Liquids, purchased in the airport duty free shops, sealed in tight transparent plastic bag are accepted onboard the aircraft. It is prohibited to open the plastic bags before boarding the aircraft.

Information for passengers, departing to the USA

Passenger must provide their personal data, namely – full name, gender and date of birth – for passenger list inspection in compliance with section 14 of the USA Code 49 “The Intelligence Reform and Terrorism Prevention Act of 2004” and parts 1540 and 1560 of the Code 49 of the TSA requirements. You can also inform the result of performed personal data inspection in the so-called “Redress Number” (when available). Refusal to provide valid information – full name, date of birth and gender – may lead to denied boarding or denied transportation. TSA reserves the right to pass provided information to law enforcing and intelligence agencies and other federal institutions in compliance with the published list of official records. You can visit TSA website at www.tsa.gov for more detailed information on TSA policy of protection of personal data, or to view the list of official records or to evaluate the possible consequences.

Please understand and assist the representatives of aviation security service.

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