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Rules of transportation of domestic animals


Dear passengers!

          Should you require to carry an animal onboard the aircraft, you must inform the carrier upon the purchase of the ticket. A passenger can transport up to two animals simultaneously.

          Transportation of small animals and birds in the aircraft cabin can be performed only with permission of the airline.

          In case of animals transportation we recommend you to have ready the following set of documents:

          - veterinary passport;

          - certificate of health. It can be issued by any state veterinary clinic (Veterinary certificate, Form 1). Certificate should contain the record of vaccination by age. Latest rabies vaccination must be performed not sooner than one year and not later than two months preceding the departure;

          - certificate from the dog club (Association of dog breeding organizations of Russia (CKOP) or the Russian dog breeders federation (РКФ) dog clubs), proving that the dog does not represent breeding value. Certificates from the other dog clubs might not be accepted by the customs.

Import of animals from abroad

Pet owners can import up to 2 domestic animals with international certificates, issued by the corresponding state bodies of the animals export countries or with international certificates with proven record of the animals’ health and vaccination. Vaccination must be performed not later than 30 days and not sooner than 12 months prior to the departure date. The international certificates are changed for the veterinary certificate of the Russian Federation.

The animals are considered as imported into the Russian Federation and accepted through the state border after correct declaration, completion of check and inspection and after proper documents are issued with corresponding records of state inspection bodies.

Animal export from the Russian Federation

Veterinary certificate of animal health, issued by the state veterinary clinic 3 days prior to the planned departure with compulsory rabies vaccination is changed for the international veterinary certificate upon crossing the state border of the Russian Federation.

Please pay attention that some countries have strict limitations or prohibition for importation of some animals and birds. That is why we recommend you to inquire in advance about the rules of your animals or birds importation in the information service of your chosen airline.

Transportation on the territory of the Russian Federation

Domestic animals are transported with standard veterinary certificate with record by the veterinary service of the airport. Terms of transportation (cage necessity, price for transportation, etc.) can be inquired from the airlines representatives upon purchase of the tickets.

You can inquire more detailed information from the post of veterinary control of the Sheremetyevo airport (ПКВП):

Terminal C: ground floor, room 1.154. When you enter the terminal turn right behind the air ticketing offices. Contact phone numbers: (+7 495) 578-62-44, (+7 905) 590-63-16. Veterinary inspection post services Terminals B and C.

Terminal D: third floor, room T13327, opposite check in counter 47. Contact phone numbers: (+7 495) 995-13-40 additional 0-2470, (+7 925) 082-07-62.

Terminal E: second floor, opposite the tickets offices. Follow the signs. Contact phone: (+7 495) 578-76-53; (+7 905) 590-51-09

Operating hours of the veterinary inspection posts - 24 hours daily.

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