About your safety in the skies
we take care on the ground.

Services for organizations

JSC "Sheremetyevo Security" offers a whole list of services for security companies:

1. Organization of the whole procedure of technical inspection at exhibitions and large-scale events.

2. Sales of inspection equipment.

3. Leasing of inspection technical equipment.

4. Case seminars on passengers, visitors and staff security inspection at controlled area access points.

5. Training of aviation security personnel of Russian and the CIS airlines and aviation companies at the aviation training center JSC "Sheremetyevo Security" according to Rosavation approved training programs on the brand new computer simulator.

6. Maintenance and repair of inspection equipment.

7. Technical personnel training according to the program “Operation and maintenance of technical inspection means".

Tel/Fax: +7 (495) 755-68-12

e-mail: sb.sekretar@svo.aero

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