About your safety in the skies
we take care on the ground.


Categories of students:

- aviation security specialists;

- aviation security service management and specialists;

- airports and airlines maintenance personnel;

- LineScan and PX x-ray units maintenance and repair personnel;

- “air transportation of dangerous goods" of airlines and shippers personnel, freight forwarders;

- personnel of the Ministry of Internal Affairs on transport.

Students learn the following subjects during training and recurrent training at the Aviation Training Centre:

- requirements of international standards and recommended practices of the International Civil Aviation Organization (ICAO);

- aviation security operational regulatory basis at the airports and guarding of different objects in the Russian Federation;

- procedure of passengers and personal items instrumental and manual (contact) inspection, procedure of personal (individual) inspection of passengers;

- aircraft preflight inspection procedure;

- inspection instruments maintenance procedure;

- aircraft aviation security procedure during pre-flight and post-flight technical and commercial servicing;

- organization and operation of access to secure area, guarding of aircraft and different objects;

- issues of interaction of aviation security services with other organizations on the questions of aviation security;

- organization of safe dangerous goods air transportation on civil aircraft;

- organization of permitted weapon transportation on civil aircraft;

- contingency operation of aviation security services in emergency situations in the airport.

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