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Company personnel

Joint Stock Company "Sheremetyevo Security" provides aviation security services in compliance with regulatory, moral and ethical standards, principles and norms, accepted in the Russian Federation and the international community.
The Company personnel strategy is aimed at steady growth and consolidation of the Company position on the aviation security market, optimum indicators of the aviation security system at the Sheremetyevo International Airport. The main purpose of the personnel policy is economical efficiency in all aspects of personnel operation. Account of all factors (processes and rules), influencing the motivation of personnel and stimulation of effective professional results of each employee is the basis of this policy.
Sequential system of personnel employment selection is implemented at the Company, a system of professional and social adaptation of the employees is developed and implemented at the Company along with professional training and refreshment training of aviation security specialists. This task was performed by the potential and experience of the Aviation Training Centre, created in 2002 and awarded the right to prepare aviation security specialists and issuance of approval documents by the Federal Agency of Air Transport of the Russian Federation.  Computer simulators and test programs to detect explosive substances, bombs and other dangerous items and substances are widely used to train specialists of the Aviation Training Centre, methodologies of ICAO/IATA, similar services of aviation security of Great Britain, the USA, Singapore, Ireland and others, what allows training of aviation security specialists for Russia.
2000 employees, holding valid professional certificates, are currently employed at the aviation security services.
The Company employees have outstanding education level: more, than 65% of employees have higher education, 35% of employees – secondary and professional education. One third of JSC "Sheremetyevo Security" employees have experience in law enforcement bodies.

Each inspection officer of JSC "Sheremetyevo Security" goes through passengers servicing psychological and ethical competence training at the corporate university JSC “Sheremetyevo International Airport” in order to provide due quality of services, suitable to the level of international airport.
Top management shows ideological devotion to the steady aviation security and participates in all organizational and operational development events: modernization of technical means of aviation security; technological supply and quality management of services.
The basis of the Company success and prosper is involvement of the personnel into the common business, business reputation of the Company and adherence to the corporate standards.

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