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Tender Committee

JSC "Sheremetyevo Security" purchases inspection equipment, operational goods and services on regular tender basis.

Basic requirements for inspection equipment and evaluation criteria of commercial offers


- The cost of each unit of equipment. Total cost

- Valid compliance and sanitary-hygienic certificates.  

- Validity extension of compliance and sanitary-hygienic certificates upon their expiration.  

- Terms of equipment shipment to installation location, timeframe of introduction to service, operational and technical documentation for each unit of shipped equipment in the Russian language.  

- Backup copies of installed software (disc images) for each unit of shipped equipment.

- Terms and conditions of operators and maintenance staff training.  

- Main technical characteristics of equipment (dimensions, energy input, etc.).   

- Equipment compliance with all valid certification requirements.  

- Warranty, that the articles will be free of manufacturing, material or production quality defects within 24 months after introduction to operation of the whole set of units.  

- Defects and equipment malfunction rectification within 48 hours from receipt of claim.  

- Operational reliability.  

- Maintenance labor inputs.  

- List of instruments and consumables for maintenance and repair.  

- List of spare parts and price list of spare parts for continuous operational efficiency within 4 years upon expiration of warranty period. Prices for spare parts must remain stable up to 6 years from the moment of equipment installation.  

- Warranty for installed spare parts.

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